Maintenance & Repairs

The Switzer Performance team wants to ensure all vehicle owners have an experienced professional to rely on, whether they have a Switzer package or not. We currently provide service and repair for Audi R8, Ford Raptor, Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren MP4 12C, McLaren 650S, McLaren 720S, Nissan GTR R35, Porsche 991 & Porsche 997. A well maintained vehicle is going to drive better, have a longer life, and hold better value.


Performance Alignment & Suspension Setup - Starting at $300

Why take your performance car for a pull and go alignment where they are more worried about a quick turnaround than how the car actually performs, whether on the road or on the track? At Switzer's we understand that our customers don't spend their hard earned money on cars and modifications just to replace them. Each alignment done in our shop is to fit each clients' goals whether it is to maximize life of tires for everyday cruising or to drag race down the strip. Pricing is dependent on vehicle and client goals.

Please contact us to schedule your next alignment. 

Fluid Check & Change - Starting at $100

Pricing dependent on what fluids need filled, changed, and specific brands of fluids requested.

Please contact us to schedule this service.


Gauges giving low readings, vehicle overheating, hear rattling from underneath, or have complete engine failure? We can fix that! At Switzer's we diagnose and repair a variety of vehicles starting with an evaluation and recommendation for $200. 

Please reach out to us for all of your repair needs.