Albins AGB Racing Transaxle - Mid Size 10 inch Ring and Pinion

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For High Torque loads and light-mid weight vehicles. The Albins 10 inch sequential is the perfect transxle for limited class racecars looking for lightning fast shifts and a srong, compact package. Utilizes the same gear stack and shift mechanism as the AGB 11.5 but with a 10" ring and pinion. The smaller ring and pinion, smaler main case, and smaller differential makes this unit 13.6 Kilograms lighter than the full size Albins Sequential and much more compact.

Technical Details:                                                                                                          

  •  Cast LM25 aluminum housing heat treated to T6 condition and stainless shot blasted
  • Fully enclosed bell housing bulkhead for maximum rigidity
  • Innovative structural design provides extra ground clearance
  • Torsional 300M input shaft
  • Shot peened gears
  • Albins Klingelnberg Palloid ring and pinion
  • Heavy duty constant mesh reverse gear
  • Planetary diff for increased strength and traction
  • Billet machined side plated for extra strength
  • Helical cut drive gears for maximum strength
  • Hydraulic slave cylinder included
  • Bronze load bolt prevents ring and gear displacement under extreme shock loading
  • Spiral bevel final drive reduces frictional losses
  • Oil remains in the trans when CV joints are removed

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