Switzer R35 GTR CNC Ported Cylinder Heads

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Switzer CNC ported cylinder heads for the VR38DETT engine found in the R35 GTR.  These heads, fit all R35 variants running OE bore size.  Some chamber matching may be desired on large bore variants.  Heads require non-damaged cores.  Sold as a matched pair.  Valve train also available.  Heads are remanufactured with our port profile from known good cores.  Also available prepared from new oem head castings.

Cylinder Heads sets include single or dual valve spring kits, intake valve, exhaust valve, buckets, and camshaft set if the customer has good cores. If customer needs cores, it includes all listed above plus cores.

These are made to order and will take up to a month to ship. If using your own cores, these must be shipped to Switzer Performance.