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With so many high horsepower numbers being thrown around today it is often perceived that it is reasonable to triple an automobile’s horsepower and do so with the reliability and maintenance-free experience of a Toyota Prius.  As my father used to tell me…  “Get your head out of the sand, son.”

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"I very humbly introduce the the new Switzer Performance / Elixir Single Brush-less R35 GTR Fuel System.  1380 LPH (43psi) of fuel pumping bliss and maintaining over 1150 LPH at 90psi.  That is one hell of a lot of fuel. "

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Don't expect a bunch of fancy videos with professional slider shots.  Don't expect a bunch of fluffy product releases.  I've stripped Switzer down to the essentials.  No bullshit, get-it-done effectiveness.  No time or money is going to be spent on lavish marketing, epic videos, or anything else that isn't devoted to product development or our customers.  Period.

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