Switzer R35 GTR Specific Fuel System

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Switzer R35 GTR Specific Fuel System

Welcome to my second blog post.  Today's blog post is to introduce you to something that is currently in use in several of our cars and will be made available to the general market shortly.  While we are getting production units finished and adding the last features that I wanted to add, I will hit a few talking points and let you see what's coming.

I have no special effects nor do I have time to write something eloquent, so I'm just going to hit you with some info and let you take it from there.

For the last decade, fuel systems for high powered cars have pissed me off.  A decade ago we didn't have pumps up to the task.  We were constantly building prototypes to try to get adequate fueling and many were complete piles of ... well, you know.  It just really got under my skin.  I wanted some real solutions, but they were just not happening.  Many of the solutions for the GTR for example would stack pumps like the oem... sometimes 2, sometimes 3.  I'm surprised we didn't need a second alternator just to keep them pumping.  At one point we jumped to mechanical pumps, as they are amazing for delivery... but damn it... you had to add a primer pump or occasionally have to spin up the pump manually to prime it... or worse... be cruising down the highway and toss a belt.  Welcome to a 1984 Monte Carlo tossing a belt and leaving you on the side of the road.  Same disgust, different generation.

I've digressed... I told myself I'd keep this short. 

For the GTR I wanted a number of things.  I've heard it said that you can have anything you want, but you can't have everything you want.  Hell, I've said it... but it doesn't mean I'll lay down and accept it.  The short list of what I wanted but was not limited to:

  • A system good enough for 1600whp on straight E98 with room to spare
  • A functional as-intended surge tank/reservoir like the OEM unit with increased capacity
  • A brush-less pump without the issues associated with brushed pumps such as excessive fuel heating, significant diminished performance under high pressure, and wire melting amperage draw when things got strenuous.
  • Proper pump supply wiring, power supply and a built-to-purpose brush-less controller.  RC supply shop controllers just don't cut it.  They can spin the brush-less fuel pumps, but they are hit or miss for dependability and they often leave a lot on the table as they are directly responsible for the pump's output.
  • Plated components and improved corrosion resistance for the systems components including the pumps.  I would like to believe that people wouldn't let their fuel systems sit submerged in alcohol fuels for extended periods, but they do.  Constantly.
  • A serviceable setup.  I've worked on cars for a living for almost 30 years now... and damn it, if I want to change a fuel filter or inspect it, I don't want to remove an entire fuel system to do so.


I very humbly introduce the the new Switzer Performance / Elixir Single Brush-less R35 GTR Fuel System.  1380LPH (43psi) of fuel pumping bliss and maintaining over 1150 LPH at 90psi.  That is one hell of a lot of fuel.  The system uses a modified brush-less pump with it's own custom controller.  A couple of features being wrapped up currently are a full PWM control input so pump delivery can be mapped from approximately 300lph to the full 1380 we are currently limiting the system to.

This setup uses a proprietary controller that has been a labor of love and failure for about 4 years.  Constant testing, breaking things, failing, succeeding, failing, crying, throwing things... yes... a lot of damn work.  There is a team of very smart people behind this entire endeavor and many of them are a hell of a lot smarter than I can ever hope to be.  Put some brains up against the engineering and marry that with some good ideas based on a lot of practical real-world experience and a knowledge of what's really needed to get the jobs done and you end up with something like this.

The system comes complete with a full billet hat assembly with integrated swivel inlet and outlet fittings.  Different fitting sizes are available including an option to use your oem feed line as a return as we have done for some years.  A stainless steel element filter is located in the hat and is serviceable from the top negating the need to remove the hat or get into the tank to inspect or service.

For the sump, we have employed a simple solution that we have found quite successful over the years... We use the oem sump, but we stand the pump vertically in it.  Since there is only one pump, by standing it up, we displace hardly any of the volume that is normally displaced by the pumps laying in the boat as well as by the oem filter body.  This effectively triples our sump capacity and keeps things happy.  Even around the corners.

Also included is a high amp circuit breaker, high amp relay, lightweight but massive pump supply wiring and the controller box itself which is easily mounted behind the right side interior panel.  The wiring used is Teflon jacketed wire and also has a plug and play connection for the oem connector for the fuel level sensor wiring.  All in all we have tried to keep the system as simple and efficient as possible.  I like simple.  Simple is good.

Other systems are now in development for other platforms but keep an eye out on our site and check back as the production R35 GTR systems will be available very soon on our website along with many other products we are adding on the back end as I write this.

All the best,