My first blog post...

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My first blog post...

Many thanks to Meegan and Kayleigh here at the shop for working so hard the last few weeks to get a new site up and running.  Also for their help in giving Switzer Performance some much needed structure again.  Meegan is the newest member to the Switzer Performance work family and we are beyond happy to have the help that she has brought to our team.

For the last few years, as many of my clients know, we fell on hard times.  I made enough mistakes in the business, misplaced an enormous amount of trust in those who chose to exploit it, and frankly just failed to execute properly... looking back it's amazing that we are even here.  Thanks to the support of some good people by my side, we persevered and rebuilt the business by what I call "right-sizing" it and started over with all of the lessons learned from my miserable failures.

When everything collapsed a few years ago, I had a choice.  Leave all that was undone and return it all in boxes with an apology to my loyal customers or stay and fight.  Those who know me, know that I'm ferociously determined and I do not comprehend what it means to quit.  Sometimes, to a fault.  To that end, I sat down and made a commitment to myself and to everyone else that ever helped me or gave me their business to bust my ass and start again from where I started.  It took a while, but slowly and surely we put the wheels back on the cart and got it moving again.  Now after 3 years of hard work and sacrifice we are starting to breath clean air again.  It feels amazing.

After 28 years of devotion to an industry that I was a part of pushing forward in its infancy, internally I just couldn't process what it might mean to walk away from it all.

At 47 years old, I push myself to work with as much or more committed excitement as I did when I was 20.  I love this industry, the relationships I've made because of it and more than ANYTHING... I LOVE MY WORK.  I'm a builder and a problem solver, and I'm perfectly okay if that's the way it stays for another few decades.  I know how many people dream of being able to say those words, and never get the opportunity.

I'm not ashamed of my past failures.  I would have been ashamed had I not fought my way back.  Yet, here I am and now supported by people that I can count on and have proven that they care every bit as much as I do.  I hope many of you will continue to follow along.  I now have some much needed assistance to stay on top of the every day so that I may focus on what makes me the most effective.

Don't expect a bunch of fancy videos with professional slider shots.  Don't expect a bunch of fluffy product releases.  I've stripped Switzer down to the essentials.  No bullshit, get-it-done effectiveness.  No time or money is going to be spent on lavish marketing, epic videos, or anything else that isn't devoted to product development or our customers.  Period.

One thing I have to offer is experience and that is where I feel I can make the greatest contribution.  I'm not a check writer who's never turned a wrench.  I wrench on the cars today the same as when we started out.  I've built and developed components for every system in an automobile... either solely or with the help of incredibly smart friends I've made in the industry over decades.  I constantly have ideas to solve problems and I will build and test those potential solutions and fail until something works.  I intend to make those solutions available to anyone who might need them as we move forward.  I suffered for years from my own early protectionist behaviors.  I often wouldn't share something as I felt I might give up an advantage.  At this point in my life, I'm over it.

If I use a component or make one, I will tell you why, show you why and if you want it, click the button or reach out and let me know what you need to solve your particular issues.  No fluffy unicorn poop, no rainbows, no cut-and-paste Googled banter.

I've been through far too much to be anything other than authentic.  If you don't like the truth, don't contact me.  I will offend you.  If you need the best experienced advice I can offer based on many years of positive and sometimes epic failure and some hard earned success... reach out.  My services are available.

Have a great day and keep an eye out while we start letting you in on what we've been working on the last several months.  I think you will dig it as much as I do.

All the best.