Level 4 - "Ultimate Street Edition PRO"

Level 4 - "Ultimate Street Edition PRO"

The Ultimate Street Edition was developed from a desire to find the balance between power and application of that power.  We wanted to created a car that was as at home on the street as it was on the road course or at a drag strip.  While the P800 fit that definition to some extent, we knew it was possible to meet these criteria with a great deal more power.  Approximately 300HP to be exact.  In order to add that 300HP with a great deal of confidence in reliability and longevity, we developed a solid upgrade path utilizing very high quality components.  In fact the short block that we utilize in the USE program is the exact same short block we use in our Goliath Packages at roughly 2000HP!  In that regard, we use the very same billet gear sets that we use in the Goliath program as well.  As you might imagine, we have somewhat over-built this package.  In exchange for the small increase in price verses using cheaper engine and transmission internals, we get a high degree of confidence in the durability of our USE package.  Built to perform and more importantly built to be enjoyed, the Ultimate Street Edition will provide over 900whp on 93 octane fuel (98 RON) and 1100whp on Ethanol.  This car gives most sport bikes and cars a run for their money and high 8 second passes are possible in the right conditions.  

This package includes: 

  •  Switzer Stage 1 Engine
  •  Switzer custom camshafts
  •  Billet 1-6 gearset
  •  18 Plate, high performance clutch
  •  Transmission brace
  •  Switzer performance turbochargers
  •  Custom intercooler and plumbing upgrades
  •  Custom fabricated, down pipes (off road use)
  •  Performance fuel injector kit
  •  Fuel rails and regulator kit
  •  Switzer in-tank fuel system upgrades
  •  High-flow intake assemblies
  •  Premium, 4" exhaust system or "Jekyll and Hyde" systems (call for details)
  •  Cobb Accessport V3 with TCM
  •  All associated hardware and sensors
  •  Switzer tune and calibration
  •  Customer support


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